Directional and Wayfinding

wayfinding directional restroom sign information directories information kiosk information wayfinding silver restroom sign

Directories are information resources that are often the first destination point for visitors. They should make a positive impact with an aesthetically pleasing design and up-to-date, easy to read information that is flexible and functional. Cornerstone Sign & Decal has the resources and capabilities to create a directory that will complement your facility and effectively guide your visitors. Directories are available as electronic touch screens, illuminated or non-illuminated changeable strips, or one piece printed inserts. We have locking glass enclosures, wall mount or kiosks. All are custom made to your requirements.

Wayfinding signage that is properly designed is a key component to help orient people as well as guide them to their desired destination. It is important to minimize the natural confusion a visitor feels when arriving at a facility. Wayfinding sign messages should be clear, legible, and properly located.  

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Please allow anywhere between five working days to four weeks depending on the sign type that is chosen.