Electronic Message Centers

Do you want to promote your business and have good traffic flow in front of your location? Electronic LED Message signs are the answer. There are multiple articles written on the cost effectiveness of advertising with an LED sign. All LED signs come with a five year written warranty and are assembled right here in Louisville, Kentucky. If you ever need a replacement part, it does not have to ship from out of state or from overseas. You will be impressed with the borderless beefed up construction of these LED electronic signs. This sign will operate if submerged underwater! One of our customer's sign was hit by a car, leaving the sign almost on the ground, and it was still working! We always have free software and free software updates. The wireless connection will connect over a half mile. Here are some questions you may ask when purchasing an electronic message sign: Do I get free software upgrades? Are parts and components available in stock locally? Does the sign automatically dim itself at night? Do I get free initial phone support? At Cornerstone Sign & Decal, all these answers are β€œYES”.