Exterior Monument Signs

Aluminum Monument Signs
Cornerstone Sign & Decal's custom made illuminated and non-illuminated monument signs create unique and attractive signage with monolithic, monument styling for primary site identification, directions, and information. Monument (or Pylon) signs feature clean edge treatments and countersunk fasteners. Removable access panels with countersunk fasteners are built in to accommodate the maintenance of lighting components. Available in any shape.

Aluminum Post and Panel Signs
Our all-aluminum post and panel sign systems are perfect for site identification, wayfinding, and directional signage applications. Available in a wide variety of configurations, including: double post, flag, ceiling, and wall mount, we have a post and panel model to fit every situation. Signs can be customized with special paint colors and finishes, decorative posts, designer post caps, wordbars, and custom shaped toppers and panels. Illumination options, such as internal LED and Incandescent lights, are available on select models.

Foam Monument Signs
Cornerstone Sign & Decal introduces impact resistant, maintenance-free EPS foam-core monument signs and wall mounted sign panels. Our products are constructed of a polystyrene core and coated with an exclusive hard coating process, giving it the durability to withstand any climate without rusting or rotting. Each monument is custom made to shape, coated in a resin coating, and sprayed with an additional layer of synthetic stucco. This provides a professional appearance that requires no maintenance (other than simple cleaning) that will last. The hard coat protection insures an insect, bird, and pest proof finish that is fire and impact resistant. The end result is a monument that will outlast any conventional stucco, wood or metal sign. We are so confident in the longevity of our products that we offer a seven year limited warranty.

Cornerstone Sign & Decal insures a unique design by offering over 30 standard monument models which can be modified to any shape, size or color. If our standard models do not meet your needs we can also fabricate a custom design to your specifications. Our monuments give you the versatility to add panels, recessed graphics or illuminated sign cabinets to your designs allowing you to customize your design without any limitations.