We provide up to 15 minutes of artwork, including 1 revision, of a basic text and logo placement of your requested signage at no charge. If further artistic assistance is needed, we will work to reach your desired design for $75 an hour. This includes additional proofs that will allow you to express any changes or additions that need to be made to the design.

Color Matching:
While we strive to match all colors exactly, Cornerstone recognizes that a product that is digitally printed will fall within a 10% variant of the requested color. We digitally print in CMYK. While our efforts are to match any color as close as possible, there are a few colors that are outside of CMYK’s gamut. To ensure color accuracy, Cornerstone Sign & Decal requests that you provide the CMYK values. If an exact match is needed, we offer a color matching service that guarantees an accurate result for a $50-$80 fee. Bring in a paint chip or email a color name and we will print 4-8 colors that are the closest to your request. From there, we will invite you to choose the best fitting color in person or, if agreed upon, make the decision ourselves. To ensure 100% satisfaction, we prefer that the customer oversees choosing the final color in person.

For larger orders, Cornerstone provides a prototype service. With this service, we will make one sign that has the design, color, material, and finishing of your request. This is intended to show what the product result will be to ensure satisfaction before production is started on the rest of the order. Through this service, you will be able to see one physical sign and make any last-minute changes.